Previous Events

Cuba Medical Delegation at Georgetown University School of Medicine

"We have invited three Cuban health care professionals to be with us in Washington. They will share with US audiences the consequences of the blockade in the health of the Cuban people and will also talk about the development of new Cuban-developed pharmaceuticals currently being used in Cuba and many other countries, but due to the blockade, these drugs are not available to U.S. citizens."- Days Of Action (9-15-17)


Inaugural Health Equity Panel at The Potter's House

Click here to watch footage from the inaugural event.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our brilliant panelists for leading our discussion:

Margaret Flowers, MD and Kevin Zeese, JD

Marget and Kevin are long-time activists and co-founders of HOPE, Healthcare Over Profit. They are highly active in the metropolitan Washington DC area, and they are supporters of a single payer healthcare system.

Russel Mokhiber, JD

Russel Mokhiber is a prolific journalist. He is known most prominently for his work in corporate crime, and he currently serves as editor in chief of the Corporate Crime Reporter.

Michael Irwin, MD

Michael is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University. He is an activist for LGBTQ+ equality in medicine, and he is currently the Director of Andrology with the GW Medical Faculty associates. 

Thank you to The Potter's House for hosting our event. What a sweet venue!